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Your business deserves real results. Your marketing and tech should work together to enable you to do your best work.

Our Mission

Fyrefly is people-first growth enablement and risk protection for small to medium businesses. Our mission is to help you develop and grow your value proposition to your customers. To be successful, though, this requires more than simple digital marketing strategy (which, itself is often illusive, frustrating, and costly). To address the real need (acquiring customers, keeping them, and continuously improving business value), one must dig deeper establishing a customer bond and the "story" in which you want your customers to invest.  Once there, business requires constant competitive advantage review and risk protection improvement (both from a compliance/cybersecurity and runaway costs perspective) to stay ahead.  

For measurable results, you need experts who can provide guidance as markets and customer interest change.

Better Cost Model

With our expertise rooted in enhancing technology for Fortune 100 companies, we've witnessed how these skills and tools can sometimes seem out of reach for smaller organizations. Our goal is to change that and make these powerful resources accessible to your business more  affordably.

In today's world, the "cloud" sets the standard for cost efficiency due to its shared resource model. Fyrefly's pricing model builds on this principle of "shared" resource economies of scale to include marketing and risk protection as bundled monthly subscriptions.

Rather than substantial upfront costs, a monthly subscription model allows you to align your expenses to your revenue.

People driven experience

Our commitment goes beyond digital marketing and technology. We want to partner with you to consistently exceed your customers' expectations.

Our Focus

To empower your business to reach further with your customers' needs without the overhead of managing marketing and cyber risk.

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Individualized Attention

Your business is unique and your customer value is hard earned. Our goal is to "map" the ideal customer experience with your brand and help you work toward it.

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Everyone Invited

Premium skills and technology are often thought to only be accessible to large companies. Our goal is to provide access for businesses of all sizes with an affordable pay-as-you-grow model.

The values our company lives by

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We believe brand awareness and risk management are business enablement tools and should not be points of confusion.


We’re committed to the idea that transparency and integrity are the common threads of real results.

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Great relationships are based on understanding one another's goals.

Setting Goals Together

Our guiding process

Define Ideal Outcomes

Every organization may have its unique approach to defining outcome goals, but some objectives are nearly universal: Revenue, Cost, and Risk. In our view, we believe that every investment you make should be connected to one or more of these outcomes.

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Design for Real People

People's opinions are molded by their experiences with your brand, both positive and negative. These experiences often blend sentiment (how they feel) with the suitability of your services to fit their needs. The goal is to create exceptional experiences for your customers.

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Measure Success

There are several measurements to consider for customer growth, but equally important is the consideration of risk (an example could be HIPAA Compliance). Both areas require ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement, and the only way to truly improve is to measure what success looks for you.

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Your value proposition, amplified.

"At the core of your organization's success is your staff, the driving force dedicated to the care of your customers. While marketing your brand and mitigating risks are crucial for revenue and cost containment, they often divert your staff from delivering the exceptional services that define your business. Our objective is to bridge these gaps, allowing you more time to innovate and enhance. Recognizing that these areas may not be your business's core competencies and may occasionally fall short of your goals, we step in to provide both the expertise and a predictable cost model. This enables you to budget effectively while making these areas a strength instead of just a cost of doing business. Your marketing and risk management are likely integral components of your business. Why not elevate them to supercharge growth and customer satisfaction?"

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John Salter
Co-Founder & CEO

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