Sales and Marketing for MSPs and MSSPs

Grow your business more predictably.

We help B2B technology and cybersecurity service providers grow and scale through white-glove business development.

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You are fantastic at what you do. You shouldn't have to...

Struggle to find your ideal customers who are excited to invest in your offers.
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Be "underconfident" explaining your services once you are in front of them.
Constantly compete on price.
You need a new way – an easier way – of doing both marketing & sales.

A direct path to growth

We take you from confusion and frustration to onboarding new customers.

Value Prop and Brand
Lead Generation
Sales and Business Development
Customer Success Management for LTV

How it works


Clarify your greatness.

You know that you’re an industry expert who gets their clients' results. Now, we need the messaging to showcase that and convert browsers into buyers who love partnering with you.

Build your client avatar

so that you’re speaking to only your most ideal client who would be a perfect fit for your offer. (If you try to speak to everyone, you’ll end up speaking to no one.)

Define your messaging

so that your future clients feel deeply understood.

Structure your offer

to make it easily understandable… and most importantly, an easy YES from prospective clients.

Outline your messaging strategy

so that we have an action plan that will get from where you are to where you want to be with your business and revenue.

Design a binge-worthy pitch deck

that showcases your value, authority, and expertise, so that people say YES to working with you.


Lay the foundations.

Set yourself up for long-term success by having the right marketing & sales collateral in place.

Create a high-converting website

that makes people want to book a call with you.

Design your lead magnet funnel(s)

to give people a reason to share their contact info with you, so that you can nurture them.

Build your discovery call warm-up funnel

so that between the time that they book a call with you and the call itself, they get primed to buy.

Create your sales call cheat sheet

to give you an easy format to follow (and easy-to-reference case studies) so that you close more calls than ever before.

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Win your ideal customers

Get eyeballs on your business & your offer, so that you can start attracting clients right away.

Run targeted Google ads

to attract high-intent buyers to your website.

Run personalized email at scale

to reach your dream clients.

Leverage LinkedIn automations

to build your network & spark new conversatons.

Craft content marketing

across social media channels and your email list to build trust & nurture your audience.

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Why us?

We help you see through your customer's eyes.

We spend time helping you map your customers' buying journey and your value to solve their problems.

Story Based Messaging

Our commitment to engaging your customers through a proven story framework allows for your message to resonate emotionally where buying decisions are made.

Outcomes over Features

While some customers compare features from their suppliers, they ultimately build relationships with those who understand their frustrations and goals. We help you map their journeys and address their emotional goals to win the ideal customers long term.

20+ Years

Honing our skills in big tech (Cisco, Nortel, and Poly) supporting multi-national organizations like FedEx, Coke, and The Home-Depot helps us translate your capabilities to "wins" for your customer.
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“We tried two other marketing agencies prior to Fyrefly with no success. Fyrefly took a step back and walked us through a framework to refine our unique voice and customer experience. After our message was clear, they designed a beautiful website for our customers to become educated and take action. If you are in tech or have a complicated message, these are the folks to call.”
Shaun McCormick
CEO - Tech Jr.
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“We had the incredible privilege of working with Fyrefly. John provided brand consulting services and he helped me bring my business to the next level. If you are looking to reinvent or rebrand your business, you need to have a conversation with him, Cindy and their team. I am so pleased with the results and they helped me to see things through the eyes of our customers. Five star experience and top notch professionalism!”
Derek Rowan
Owner - Rowan Payments

Meet your growth copilot.

Book 30 minutes to jumpstart your growth.

I help businesses grow by speaking the way their customer thinks.

Through storytelling , I help businesses identify the deeper, emotional motivations behind their customers' buying decisions (the “need behind the need”).

With a background in large enterprise customers, such as Coke and FedEx, I can help narrow the focus of growth to 4 steps, and help you execute properly to win customers.
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Ask away...

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‘“Easy communication, extraordinary customer service, and a stellar final product. I couldn’t ask for anything more!’’
Asia Schnoes
Owner - Social Partner
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Did you know?


Consumers judge credibility based on website design



Users follow at least one brand on social media

(Forbes )


Businesses increased digital marketing in 2023



Web traffic is now on mobile devices


Behind the scenes...

The how...
A polished and memorable online presence can make or break a customer’s impression of your business. Showcase your unique value proposition.
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Actionable Website

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Customer Appointment Booking

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Hosting Included

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Built-in SEO

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Social Media Strategy and Management

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Content Creation and Posting

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Audience Engagement

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Hashtag Trending

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Local Audience Focusing (Geo-Fencing)

Book a call
The how...
Focus on your core strengths while keeping pace with your customers' ever changing needs. Give your business the growth and risk avoidance it deserves.
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Your Customer's Buying Journey Map

business advisory icon

Advisory (Business Model Tuning)

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Risk Mitigation and Incident Response Plan

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Compliance Management
(HIPAA) with Electronic Certificate

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Employee Compliance Awareness Training

risk assessment icon

Annual Risk Assessments

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Vendor Management

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Data Loss Prevention

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24 x 7 Cybersecurity Monitoring

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Software Licensing and Patch Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Marketing as a Service more efficient than building my own team and tools?

It really comes down to where to place your investment resources and your business's  core strengths.  If you are a technology provider, for example, and invested heavily in providing cyber security and technologies for your customers, it may not be cost effective to hire a sales and marketing team.  

As well, your business is unique in its marketing and sales capabilities. You may simply need time back in your day by having someone manage your social media.  Or, you may be light on sales experience and need help positioning your services to your customers.  Each plan is designed to meet you where you are in your journey to win more customers.

Fyrefly offers the best of each of these for a fraction of the cost while beautifully promoting your offers and strategy with no risk of losing personnel or intellectual property.

How do I know if I really need message clarity to boost my marketing efforts?

Most businesses focus their efforts solely on the external benefits of their services, but do not focus on the customer’s internal challenges (the emotional aspect from which most purchases are made).  This framework goes deep into your business to understand your customer and their true pinpoints, and then refines a simple and clear message that shows your customer how to become whole with your services.

Why is educating my customers (often for free) important?

Customers’ purchase journey often starts with building up trust.  The more you can offer your customers in the way of thought leadership and education, the more likely they are to go through with a longer term purchase.  Education is also often a lead “magnet” in that potential customers are drawn to learning more in a particular area that you may provide expertise, and they more likely to seek your help afterwards.

What type of customer benefits from each of your offers?

Each offer was designed to meet you where you are in your customer growth journey. You may only need a central software location (Fyrefly MarketHub) to organize all of your marketing efforts with your team performing the marketing tasks themselves, you may need our team to take the tasks of performing your social media and website marketing (Fyrefly MarketGrowth) or, you may even need help running local events and sales with your customers (Fyrefly MarketPro).  Any of our offers are customizable even further with a quick market assessment call.

Can you explain campaigns and why I need them?

A campaign is any promotion of a product or service (or even educational event for lead generation) that you want to sell to your clients.  This promotion not only includes the building and advertising of the related materials, but also the followup with customers who have shown interest (usually by downloading a valuable asset and leaving their contact info in return.  This can also include following up with customers who have registered for your event to ensure they don’t forget to show. All of these are in an effort to drive more quality leads that can be converted to customers.

Is there a minimum contract?

Yes.  The reason for this is two-fold.  1.  The Fyrefly Story Board process (interviewing and designing your perfect message) enables you to have a continuously relevant story to attract your customers (but does usually take several weeks to develop) 2.  The build time for audience reach (website, social media, and optionally, events) also requires time to be designed and tested before they are ready for production.